Juicernet has been a proud attendee of the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Convention and Expo for over five years, and we are delighted to announce that we will be returning to promote healthy lifestyle trends at PMA 2021. After COVID-19 halted all in-person events for over a year, there is nothing more exciting than gathering with customers and colleagues alike once more. Read on to learn more about the convention and how you can partake in Juicernet’s great products and samples during the event.

Our Proud History with PMA Fresh Summit

PMA Fresh Summit is a chance for retailers across the globe to gather and connect through their shared passion for the produce and floral industries. Here at Juicernet, we know that this opportunity is invaluable. By sharing ideas and connecting with others in the industry, we open the door for greater collaboration and innovation across the board. That is why Juicernet has spent over five years offering samples and demonstrating our products at the Fresh Summit showcase. We are ecstatic to return to the expo in 2021 and in many years to come.

Bring On PMA 2021

After a year away, we are ecstatic to return to PMA Fresh Summit. The 2021 convention will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana in October. As a full-service commercial juicing equipment company, we are excited to see some of our favorite customers and partners at the convention. From supermarkets to restaurants and beyond, our products help businesses expand their menus and sell colorful, delicious, and nutritious products to their customers. Visit our booth at PMA 2021 to find delicious fresh samples and impressive demonstrations of our products.

What to Expect from Juicernet

This will be Juicernet’s first exhibit since the pandemic, and we are coming back better than ever. Swing by our booth for a taste of the fresh and fun products your business can sell with our equipment. Discover the efficiency of the Piñabar self-serve pineapple coring machine, which makes a convenient and colorful addition to any produce market. Peel, core, and spear your own pineapple in just 20 seconds, then indulge in a bite of your ready-to-go pineapple spears. Imagine customers flocking to your store to do the same. We are also proud to display our most popular industrial juicer machines. Grab a glass of refreshing orange juice as you witness the smooth operation of our Ceado S98 or SL98 counter citrus juicers. You can also take a peek at the quiet and efficient power of the Ceado fruit and vegetable juicers. Finally, larger businesses will love our cold-pressed multi-fruit juicers, which can produce up to 60 gallons of juice per hour.

Juicernet has a lot to offer businesses in the produce and juicing industries, which is why we cannot wait to meet customers new and old at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit. See what we can do for you and your business when you stop by our booth in October. See you there!