Bonnie Mulligan

As the health craze continues, more and more people are looking for ways to eat and drink healthily without compromising taste.

The majority of fitness enthusiasts would probably claim that a good juice is the center of their healthy lifestyle — or some similar nutritional beverage.

The rising tide of people who are looking for these healthy options will begin making the shift to establishments that have also made the transition to healthy crafts.

For the restaurants and bars that own and operate commercial juice extractors, this means an influx of business and a new customer demographic.

However, with the addition of the new type of customer comes the need to continuously monitor and update your products and services. Trends will either crush a business or bring it success, depending on whether or not you adopt them.

In the coming year, the beverage industry is introducing some exciting trends.

  1. Moringa
    Matcha made a wide-spread appearance in the health and food industries but has since been on the decline. ‘Green’ is a trend in all facets of both business and society, and the food and beverage industry is no different. However, with matcha heading out the door, a new ‘green’ plant is making a lot of noise among culinary experts. Moringa is a tropical plant that has a significant nutritional value, containing proteins, vitamins, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. The green powder extract that moringa provides can be added to a variety of juice bar recipes to make a protein-packed health beverage that people will crave.
  2. Beverage Bars at Restaurants
    A common thing to see is restaurants introducing a sister or partner juice bar to their pre-existing establishment. This way they see sales in their normal low-volume hours due to introducing a different product. Often, these additional juice bars are more affordable ways for customers to experience what the establishment has to offer. Simply by adding one or two commercial juice extractors, these restaurants and establishments have created a new business within their existing business.
  3. Custom Drinks
    Another trend that will continue to grow is signature drinks. Many juice makers will offer a blend of the week, or simply offer a drink that is unattainable elsewhere. People begin associating the drink with the establishment and often will go just for that drink in particular. This creates a niche within an already niched market, which can prove to be extremely successful if done correctly. Using unpopular flavors, for instance, might prove to be a wrong move. Additives such as orange and pineapple juice are often the basis from which to build, creating a recipe that’s proportioned and with flavors that are paired well. In 2015, orange juice was the most juice overall for Americans with an average individual consumption of 2.7 gallons that year, and it’s important to know these statistics in order to cater to the demand of the customers.

Trends will continue to come and go, so don’t expect one to last forever. Predicting change and preparing for it is the number one way to create a dynamic service.

If you’re interested in commercial juice extractors for your restaurant or establishment, contact Juicernet today.