Are you looking for a way to add something fresh, colorful, and exciting to your menu? As a restaurant owner, you spend a lot of time thinking of ways to satisfy customers and draw more positive attention to your business. One exciting option is to invest in a commercial juicer. No matter what kind of menu you offer, you can benefit from fresh, nutritious, and delicious juice. Installing a commercial juicer in your kitchen upgrades your menu, excites customers, and creates new opportunities for growth, profits, and success. Plus, a commercial juicer is easy to use and maintain, meaning your restaurant will reap more benefits and reduce labor costs. Have we piqued your interest? Learn more about how your restaurant can benefit from using a commercial juicer ahead.

Perks for Your Menu

There is nothing more exciting than adding a new item to your menu, especially when that item is fresh juice. Whether you advertise your juice as a fun specialty or as part of a health-conscious menu, the change is a great opportunity to show off your restaurant and market to new audiences. Adding new items to your menu is a great way to keep your restaurant exciting for new and regular customers alike.

Add Color and Variety to Your Drink Listings

When it comes to drinks, you can find a few staples anywhere. Water or soda will not set you apart from other restaurants in your area, but fresh juice made in-house will. Get creative with your menu listing. Show off your fruit or vegetable juices in a colorful health foods menu. Alternatively, add fun juice concoctions to your list of specialty drinks. You can also create fun seasonal offers, offer deals during brunch hours, or experiment with juices in cocktails. A commercial juicer presents a great opportunity to get creative and add more variety to your menu.

Join in on a Lasting Trend

Consumers are becoming more conscious of their health every day. Foods that are both delicious and nutritious are rising in popularity, and it is easy to tell that these options are here to stay. Join in this trend and draw eager customers looking for healthy menu items. With a commercial juicer, you can add plenty of interesting products to your menu. With the versatile Ceado ES-500/700/900 juicer series, you can serve a colorful variety of fruit and vegetable juices. Alternatively, invest in one of our cold-pressed multi-fruit juicers to produce large volumes of any citrus juice imaginable. There is no need to come up with complicated recipes or items. Your commercial juicer allows you to easily make a variety of new and appealing menu items in your restaurant.

Perks for Your Customers

The truth is plain to see: customers love the option of fresh juice. From the incredible health benefits to the sweet and refreshing taste, putting juice on the menu is sure to please regular customers and draw a new demographic.

Fun and Nutritious Options

Even customers who do not actively seek healthy foods and restaurants will enjoy the chance to refresh with a cold glass of fresh juice. Offering these fun products is exciting for customers. You can even branch out from more common drinks and offer options that patrons do not see every day. Get creative with exotic fruits, mix up fun and tasty vegetable juices, or advertise the naturally sweet products of a sugarcane juicer machine. Plus, offering healthy products like fruit, vegetable, or sugarcane juice is a great way to let regular customers try out more health-conscious options while still enjoying other favorite items on your menu.

Freshen up the Atmosphere

Juice bars and other businesses that revolve around fresh juice options offer a colorful and energetic atmosphere. When you sell fresh juice at your own restaurant, you can lean into that fun and create a lively environment for the people you serve. If you have a bar, use a sleek countertop juicer like the Ceado SL98 to show off your juicing process to customers. Use chalk menus or colorful posters to advertise your new juice products. The bright new options will draw positive attention to your business, and customers will enjoy participating in something new and exciting at your restaurant.

Perks for Your Kitchen

New menu items are great for marketing and satisfied customers are great for reviews, but did you know that a commercial juicer will also benefit your employees? The efficiency and versatility of your juicer make serving delicious fresh juice simple and easy. Even better, commercial juicers are easy to clean and maintain, especially with Juicernet’s cleaning products, replacement parts, and warranty services. We make it easy for your kitchen to benefit from whichever commercial juicer you choose.

Minimal Prep, Maximum Production

Commercial juicers can produce a lot of juice with minimal effort. Workers will have to wash the fruit and place it into the machine, but then, your reliable juicer does the rest. Commercial juicers can easily accommodate whole fruits or vegetables, minimizing preparation time and allowing your employees to focus on other tasks. A single-serve counter juicer is a simple way for smaller restaurants to serve made-to-order juice to their customers. If you need juice in higher volumes, options like our cold-pressed multi-fruit juicers can produce 40 to 60 gallons of juice per hour.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Restaurant kitchens must be fast, well-oiled machines. Maintaining your juicer parts is important and guarantees the best quality juice. That is why Juicernet commercial juicers are durable, reliable, and easy to maintain. With detachable and magnetic parts, you can hand wash the parts or use our EZ Power Cleaner to soak overnight. You can easily keep your juicer in good condition. If something breaks or wears down over the years, you can find any replacement parts or repair services through our warranty parts program or simply order new parts on our website. With our commercial juicers, you don’t have to worry about frequent breakdowns and repairs because our juicers are reliable and built to last.

The Best Choice for Your Business

With these perks in mind, it is easy to see how your restaurant can benefit from using a commercial juicer. As soon as you purchase your juicer, you can start drawing in new customers with fresh and exciting menu options. Do not hesitate to bring these benefits to your business. Contact Juicernet today to find the perfect commercial juicer for your restaurant.

How Your Restaurant Can Benefit from Using a Commercial Juicer