Customers love drinking fresh, made-to-order fruit and vegetable juice. Unfortunately, serving straight from the juicer isn’t always efficient or even possible. Storing fresh juice can help you serve customers faster and more smoothly without sacrificing your great product. However, you should know a few things about storing juice to keep your beverages as delicious, refreshing, and nutritious as possible. Learn how to properly store juices at your business with these tips.

Why Proper Storage Is Important

Fresh juice offers the most nutritional benefits when you drink it as soon as it’s made. That’s why customers love going to juice bars and other establishments that make and serve their own juice in-house. As time goes on, antioxidants and enzymes—two crucial nutrients you get from fresh juice—become less potent. It’s also important to note that fresh juice hasn’t undergone pasteurization like store-bought juice, leading to faster contamination.

Businesses that practice proper storage techniques can maximize their inventory and reduce waste, which, in turn, creates a more profitable and sustainable business practice. On top of that, the ability to store juice safely helps businesses manage greater customer traffic while still offering speedy and personable service.

Know Your Timeline

Businesses must be aware of when to store juice and how long it lasts. This information will help your business establish best practices and guidelines to keep your products safe. If you plan to store juice, do so immediately after making it. While there are some minor variations for how long juices last, almost all types of fresh juice will be okay for up to 48 hours. Never store fresh juice for longer than 72 hours, as this will ruin the nutrients and flavor of the product.

Pro tip: produce that can withstand lower temperatures, such as strawberries and bananas, tend to last longer. The same goes for foods with low acidity, such as apples or cucumbers.

Use the Right Container

A key component of how to properly store juices at your business is to use airtight containers. Material matters as well. Glass creates a better seal and reduces oxidation levels, keeping the juice fresh for longer. If your business chooses plastic storage instead, be sure to use high-quality, food-safe plastic options.

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