Melissa DelMastro

How To Properly Clean Your Juicer

Just as you would want to wash your new clothing, you should also clean your Ceado juicer prior to using it for the first time. Chemical residue used in manufacturing needs to be removed with water and soap to prevent contamination. The Ceado juicer is a very easy to clean juicer that you can quickly break-down and rinse basket and bowl since they are magnetized and no tool is required — this only takes a minute.

To make sure your Ceado commercial juicer machine works the way it should, follow these guidelines:
In between juicing run a cup of water through the Ceado juicer to keep it clean, ensure residue is removed and to help the flavors stay pure. After the end of each day, you’ll want to unplug your commercial juicer prior to cleaning it — no exceptions. Note: the base of your juicer should never be immersed in water as this will destroy the motor. Cleaning the mesh screen on the basket everyday is very important because the pulp quickly dries making it very difficult to remove the next day.You’ll want to take out the basket and place in warm water with soap or use a specialized cleaner such as EZ Power Cleaner. You can then use a nylon bristle brush to clean these componentsor a non-abrasive sponge or cloth.Use a bottle brush to clean juice pan spout.Use a damp cloth to clean the outside and then wipe with dry cloth for a nice shine. Stainless Steel cleaner is another option if you have it on hand.

At Juicernet, we provide maintenance service and parts replacement as part of our offerings.