Pineapple corers offer a faster and easier way to peel, core, and even slice fresh pineapple. Restaurants, juice bars, grocers, and other businesses that pride themselves on offering fresh products to customers can deliver fresher pineapple slices in less time than ever before.

Pineapple corer machines are an excellent investment for your business, especially if you know how to make that investment last. Learn how to properly care for your pineapple corer with these tips.

Make Cleaning a Daily Practice

Like all equipment, your pineapple corer requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Juicernet’s pineapple corer machines consist of durable, corrosion-proof stainless steel to reduce wear and tear. However, pineapple corers still gather residue that can clog the machine and lower performance if you’re not careful.

Taking apart and cleaning your pineapple corer helps keep each individual part in the best shape possible. This also gives you a chance to inspect your corer so that you can identify wear and tear and other issues before they become major problems.

Keep the Blades in Good Shape

Sharp, well-maintained blades are an integral part of your pineapple corer. High-quality blades ensure clean peeling, coring, and slicing. If you let your pineapple corer blades wear down, you might start seeing crushed fruits, especially when working with ripe pineapples.

A significant part of how to properly care for your pineapple corer is to make sure you’re using the right blades and keeping those blades in good shape. Many pineapple corers come with different size blades to suit different sizes of pineapples. Stay diligent about changing blades when operating your corer.

Additionally, stay on top of replacing or sharpening your blades when they become dull. This will help deliver clean and efficient results with every pineapple you peel and core.

Choose a Supplier With a Good Warranty

Juicernet is proud to offer a superior warranty for our products. We know that pineapple corers are a serious investment for your business, and we want our equipment to serve you well for years to come. We work with service providers across the country to provide maintenance when you need it. Juicernet also keeps a comprehensive supply of spare parts to help you stay on top of replacements. By working with a reliable supplier like Juicernet, you give yourself the necessary resources to keep your pineapple corer in excellent shape.