Running a juice bar means providing customers with tasty, colorful, and nutritious products that will keep them coming back again and again. One of the best ways for your juice bar to succeed is to find creative products that will set you apart from similar businesses in your area. A pineapple corer is a great way to easily craft delicious and nutritious new recipes that your customers will love. Read on to discover how to elevate your juice bar using a pineapple corer.

Fresh Produce without the Hassle

One of the difficult things about buying food in our current society is that you often have to choose between something fresh and something convenient. Peeling, coring, and slicing a pineapple by hand takes time and work and creates a mess.

When you use a pineapple corer, though, all that hassle disappears. Whether you’re prepping pineapple for your juicer or serving fresh, tangy spears or chunks on their own, your pineapple corer makes prepping and selling your fruit much easier. Customers can grab a convenient and healthy treat while employees minimize prep and cleanup time in the kitchen.

Get Creative and Sustainable with the Core

Finding creative ways to use ingredients you would otherwise throw out is a great way to discover new recipes and promote your business’s sustainable practices. Saving and using pineapple cores is a fantastic example of this. You can puree the core to use it in baked goods or other drink recipes. Alternatively, slice and freeze the core to create sweet ice cubes that you can serve in your beverages.

Give Customers the Healthy Options They Crave

Juice bars are growing in popularity because customers continue to crave nutritious options. When you offer fresh pineapple—in juices or by itself—customers will flock to your business. A pineapple corer makes serving fresh, juicy pineapple simpler than ever before. The convenience of your pineapple corer allows you to focus less on prepping your produce and more on delivering a worthwhile product to your customers.

Now that you know how to elevate your juice bar using a pineapple corer, it’s time to start delivering fresh new products. Find premium pineapple peelers and corers at Juicernet, and see how our equipment can help your business reach new heights.