Nicole Loomis

Whether you already run a business or are thinking of starting one up, including a juice bar option can help bring in customers (and keep them coming back). Commercial fruit juicers are easy to invest in and have the benefit of providing freshly made juice to shoppers and guests. Supermarkets, in particular, can benefit from the addition of juice bars, as they can provide fresh juice for take-home consumption or for customers to sip while they shop.

A juice bar also offers the option for customers to customize their juice options. Having someone on staff to run the juicing equipment throughout the day means that patrons can order select blends to ensure they get exactly what they want. This has been found to be particularly important to millennial shoppers. A trend report conducted by Fona International found that 40% of millennials are bored with traditional juice flavors. This means businesses that are able to cater to customization are going to appeal more to this demographic.

Commercial Fruit Juicers and Customization
Customization is one of the biggest perks of investing in juicer machines for your business. They can help you appeal to a wider range of consumers while giving you a leg up on competitors. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • More Flavors
    As mentioned above, flavor combinations are what millennials are looking for. Orange juice, for instance, is a breakfast staple. However, combining oranges with strawberries, raspberries, or peaches, can create whole new flavor combinations that appeal to a wider range of customers. The combinations are nearly endless. Whether you provide a set menu or allow customers to request specific blends, you are sure to find more interested patrons that will be more inclined to return in the future.
  • Fresh Quality Ingredients
    This isn’t to say that some bottled juices aren’t high quality. However, customers can trust in the quality and freshness of the juice straight from a commercial fruit juicer. Fresh juice also has more nutrients than bottled varieties, which may also contain additives to ensure a shelf-stable product. Investing in a commercial juicer allows customers to be able to take home only the freshest juice. This can also help show customers that you care about offering healthy options for them overall.
  • Personalized Choices
    Another benefit of adding a juice bar to your location is the ability for customers to personalize their drink options. Millennials, in particular, enjoy being able to customize their drinks. But folks from all demographics can benefit from being able to mix and match juices to suit their needs. For instance, if someone wants to make a specific juice blend but doesn’t have access to a juice maker at home, they can come into your location and get exactly what they want. This option allows you to cater to individual tastes and make the experience much more personal. By doing this you can build stronger relationships with customers and keep them coming back again and again.

Investing in a commercial fruit juicer is something many supermarkets and businesses can benefit from. Whether you want to add to your store or open a separate juice bar location, you can help keep customers coming back by offering them fresh personalized juice combinations. Not only will this bring in a lot of new millennial consumers, but it can help show all of your customers that you care about offering them healthy options.