Sugarcane juice is a naturally sweet and refreshing drink that’s popular in many countries across the world, especially in areas that grow sugarcane commercially, such as North Africa and Southeast Asia. Vendors make sugarcane juice by extracting the liquid from raw sugarcane. The result is a sweet and refreshing drink that offers a variety of health benefits, including a natural energy boost.

Sugarcane juice appears in many shops and varieties across the globe. From street vendors with hand-cranked juicers to popular juice shops bustling with customers, you can find all kinds of businesses selling sugarcane juice on its own or with a variety of other colorful flavors. Read on to tour the distinct and delicious ways that sugarcane juice is served around the world.

A Summertime Favorite in Myanmar

It’s easy to find a refreshing cup of fresh sugarcane juice in Myanmar. Businesses all over the country sell sugarcane juice, also known as kyan ye. Sugarcane juice is particularly popular in the summer, when it’s served over ice as a cool and refreshing treat. While many Myanmar customers enjoy sugarcane juice on its own, vendors also blend it with lime, orange, or jujube for a flavorful spin on the classic flavor.

Iced Sugarcane Juice in Indonesia

In Indonesia, sugarcane juice is a traditional beverage that dates as far back as the ninth century. Es tuba, or iced sugarcane juice, is easy to find throughout Indonesia. This sweet drink is most common among street-side vendors, but more and more vendors are showing up in malls and shopping centers to sell their ice-cold sugarcane juice.

A Lemony Twist in Egypt

Growing, shipping, and selling sugarcane is a massive industry across Egypt, and sugarcane juice, or asab, is one of the country’s most popular beverages. While sugarcane juice is popular on its own, some Egyptian businesses mix it with lemon and let the drink ferment. This delicious, fermented variant is just another example of the unique and creative ways sugarcane juice is served around the world.

Bagged Juice in Vietnam

Sugarcane juice, or nước mía, is a signature Vietnamese drink. You can find a refreshing glass—or bag—of sugarcane juice at the distinctive metal street carts that hold a hand-powered crank to crush sugarcane stalks. Traditional vendors still sell sugarcane juice in plastic bags by pouring it over ice, placing a straw in the bag, and tying the open end of the bag around the straw with a rubber band. Vendors might also add fruits like kumquat to balance the sweet flavor of sugarcane.

Serve Your Own Fresh Sugarcane Juice

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