If you are looking for ways to liven up your produce section, look no further than the fresh, convenient, and stylish Piñabar. How is the Piñabar creating the freshest in-store experience? This clever commercial pineapple peeling, coring, and spearing machine diversifies your fruit selection. Even better, sample stations and similar initiatives are easier than ever to run, filling your produce aisle with the alluring look and smell of freshly cut pineapple. If that does not push sales, the ability to quickly peel and cut your own pineapple is sure to bring customers back through your doors all season long. Additionally, businesses that have incorporated the Piñabar in their store/stores have found up to 200-400% increase in pineapple sales from the additional revenue stream from cut pineapple, increased foot traffic and repeat business.

Fast, Fresh, Fabulous

There is a lot of hype around the Piñabar—and for good reason. Let us start with the speed. This patented technology peels, cores, and spears pineapples in a mere 20 seconds. The efficiency and convenience this creates can revolutionize your sales floor, letting customers get through their shopping quickly and happily. Even better, customers do not have to sacrifice quality for efficiency. The Piñabar delivers mouthwateringly fresh peeled/cored pineapple or speared pineapple right before your eyes. Watching the Piñabar create a bucket of sweet and delicious pineapple will drive sales higher than ever.

More Options, More Sales

Customers often pass up pineapple because it is such a hassle to prepare. Peeling, coring, and spearing a pineapple by hand takes time and energy that not everyone has. On the other hand, pre-cut pineapple does not always appeal to the customer. Perhaps, they might worry that it is not fresh. The Piñabar gives customers total control over their product. They know their pineapple is fresh because they pick it out and bring it to the Piñabar themselves.

Customizable Branding That Stands Out

Another way that the Piñabar is creating the freshest in-store experience is through unique and customizable branding options. How do you make your store stand out in people’s minds? By installing a service that displays your unique brand and style. One exciting add-on feature of the Piñabar is that you can choose the option of adding on a customized machine wrap to showcase your business’s color, or any unique design of your choosing. You can reach out to one of our team members for more information or questions regarding the optional customized machine wrap for the Piñabar. Present your brand logo on your pineapple corer machine and create an association of freshness and convenience that customers will never forget.

It’s easy to see why the Piñabar is making waves in stores across the food industry. Bring this incredible innovation to your store floor and see for yourself why customers go crazy for the sweet simplicity of a self-serving pineapple corer.