Nicole Loomis

The US’s clean food revolution is pushing up the demand for fresh juice. In turn, the need for a commercial automatic juicer like a pineapple juicer to meet the growing demand is up.

The $3.4 billion fresh-pressed juice industry has many players. They include hospitals, restaurants, juice bars, standalone eateries and food trucks.

In 2011, Starbucks bought the Evolution Fresh Company for $30 million. It was hoping to raise its market share in the fresh fruit juice niche.

By 2015, Americans fancied the orange juice the most. Each consumer took about 23.7 pounds of the drink. What is the fuel behind this boom? On the same note, how can an emerging retailer tap into this opportunity? Here is how: –

Drivers of the Fresh-Pressed Juice Industry in the US

1. Rising Interest in Health and Wellness Lifestyles

Now more than ever, the young consumer generation wants to maintain clean food in their diets. Hence the rise in juice cleanses and vegan trends. Besides, social media makes it possible to access any information on healthy living.

It’s no longer about blending some fruits and drinking the juice at home. Consumers:

  • Share their rare recipes;
  • Give contacts of their pet retail store and;
  • Hold video parties to ask and answer questions about their favorite juice.

YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat have influencers who push for organic diets. They take photos and videos of themselves with their preferred fresh juice. Within minutes of posting, the drink begins to trend.

Do you want to use social media as your competitive advantage? Here are the tips: –

  • Create a fan page and maintain it with regular updates of this business.
  • Start a YouTube channel. Use it to train, clarify, and address clients’ feedback, questions, and concerns.
  • Run competitions for the best pineapple juicer recipes.

The transport web in the US is conducive to delivery services. It makes it easy for fresh juice retailers to reach their customer base past their premises. Indeed, some of the sellers have a made-to-order or a grab-and-go style.

This way, the final juice has the same temperature and taste by the time it reaches the buyer. Juice Nashville in Nashville and Pressed Juicery in South California are such sellers.

How do you create a competitive advantage using the dial-up delivery service? Are you new to the delivery business? Start by outsourcing the service to a competent delivery service company.

Then, set up strategic drop off locations in areas convenient for your customers.

3. Use a Commercial Fruit Juicer Machine

Today retailers use commercial juicers and corers to process the juice. They include the cold-pressed juicer, pineapple juicer, drink mixers, and citrus juicers.

By doing so, the retailer gains a competitive advantage that pushes business growth. These machines are revolutionizing operations as follows:

• Capacity: Do you struggle to meet quick orders during rush hour? Are your juice recipes sophisticated? These commercial fruit juicers address all these challenges.

Automatic juicers help you cut out the waiting time for your customers. Their cutting edge technology concocts any type of fruit, whether hard or soft.

Their most sweeping shredding power is handy when mixing juices that take long to make. A pineapple juicer, for example, operates 24/7 with minimal maintenance.

• Clean, Hygienic and Noise-free: Do you run a restaurant, hospital, or an outlet with a serene ambiance? This machine will not interfere with your theme.

The juicers use a friction-less motor, hence make no noise when processing the juice. Also, they use automated speed controls that are effortless to operate.

Finally, the juice passes through hygienic taps with no spills. These self-serving taps and construction of the machine maximize your efficiency.

• The Extraction Process: Do you want to showcase your prowess to your consumers as they wait? For example, a pineapple juicer uses an eye-catching extraction process. This commercial juice extractor will wow your customers. It’s a transparent process that assures your customers about the quality of the final drink.

Are you ready to embrace the growing fresh fruit juice market to your advantage? Get active on social media. Outsource your delivery service, or even install a pineapple juicer at your premises. Whichever strategy you want to use, do it right away.