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Sometimes, certain demographics are overlooked by businesses not being able to provide an adequate option to the consumer. As a business owner, this is the last thing you want. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a supermarket chain, or a smoothie stand, you no doubt want there to be an option for everyone across the board. Continue reading, if you want to learn about the top demographics you may be missing out on, and how to appeal to these large markets of people with a commercial fruit juicer machine.
 New MomsNew moms not only need a healthy form of sustenance for themselves (they need the energy) but also for their little ones. If you have never considered purchasing a juice maker, now may be the time. New moms love alternatives to sugary and unhealthy soft drinks. They want something that can fuel their bodies for the long day ahead of them. They also want something they can feel comfortable feeding their small child. Orange juice is always a staple with this crowd. Not only is it tasty, but it also provides an adequate source of vitamin C — a single serving provides 20% of your body’s recommended intake. Orange juice also contains fiber, folate, and potassium. No wonder it is the most popular and most consumed juice in the nation!

Vegans and Vegetarians
With so many people turning to veganism and vegetarianism to cure their chronic illnesses or simply to help animals and the environment, having an option on your menu for this demographic is a smart and business savvy choice. The market for plant-based options has grown a remarkable amount and is expected to hit 24 billion by the year 2026.

Purchasing a sugarcane juice machine is one of the best ways you can start introducing these veggie-friendly options to your restaurant or place of business. You may not be ready to commit to a full menu yet, but adding some healthy and delicious juices is a great place to start.

A sugarcane juice machine can help you create juices filled with vitamins and minerals and without any animal products, of course.

Health and Fitness Enthusiasts
In case you are not already a place of business that solely focuses on health and wellness, you may not be tapping into this rather large crowd with a juicer. Health and wellness is another large (and still growing) demographic that you may be missing out on. Customize your juices and smoothies with protein powder. Or leave it as is and juice superfruits and veggies like blueberries, kale, and spinach.
More and more millennials are turning to drinking smoothies and juices to receive crucial vitamins their bodies need. While many still reach for their daily cup of coffee, a large majority have replaced that good ol’ cup of joe with a vitamin enriched juice instead. Juice is caffeine-free and can contain fewer calories than a sugar bomb of a frappuccino. For example, college campuses and trendy coffee shops have taken advantage of this shift by using a sugarcane juice machine.

What a Commercial Sugarcane Juicer Can Do for You
As you can see, juicing can help you tap into these rapidly growing demographics.

These groups of people are all concerned with finding healthy options that are also great tasting! You’ll be surprised what a sugarcane juice machine can do for you and your small or large business, so why wait to start creating amazing vegetable and fruit blends? You can reach new audiences and expand your business like never before.
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