One of the greatest parts of juicing is experimenting with different fresh fruits and vegetables to achieve an endless variety of delicious flavors. There are countless combinations you can make and enjoy with a juicer. That said, not every fruit or vegetable turns into a successful glass of juice. As you experiment with new flavors, keep in mind there are some fruits and vegetables you really shouldn’t juice.


Bananas Are Too Soft

Bananas are a sweet and easy breakfast food that are perfect on-the-go, but they don’t make the best juicing ingredients. Even though many fruit lovers always have a small banana bunch in their kitchen, try not to reach for it as you’re prepping your juice. Though bananas are soft, they don’t contain enough liquid content to create fresh juice. If you want banana in your drink, you’ll need to blend or puree it, and the result will be thicker than any fruit juice.


Avocados Are Too Creamy

Like bananas, avocados are soft but not juicy. Their creamy texture doesn’t yield the juice content you want when you put them through a juicer. To enjoy the delicious flavor and rich nutrients of avocados, try adding them to blended drinks rather than juice.


Cherries Are Difficult To Deseed

Cherries contain more juice than bananas and avocados, but they still prove difficult when putting them through a juicing machine. The soft flesh of cherries creates a consistency that is unideal for juicing. Moreover, cherry pits create a lot of tedious prep work that you need to do before you put them in the juicer. The result is only a little bit of fresh cherry juice for an inordinate amount of work.


Be Wary of Leaves, Seeds, and Rinds

Even with fruits and vegetables that are great for juicing, you need to watch out for specific components that are inedible or even toxic to consume. Apple seeds, citrus rinds, and rhubarb leaves are just a few examples of the different parts of fruits and vegetables that you really shouldn’t juice.


Using the Right Ingredients With the Right Equipment

When it comes to successful juicing, finding the right fruits and vegetables is only half the equation. Make sure you have the right juice extractor machine to handle all your favorite produce. Juicernet sells a wide variety of juicers to handle fruits and vegetables, citrus, sugarcane, and so much more. Find the right juicer for your kitchen at Juicernet today.