Use creative techniques to promote fruit sales in your business. Discover fresh ways to increase fruit sales at your grocery store.

1. Use Stylish Props and Fixtures

Use props and fixtures to stage eye-catching displays. Rustic table bins, wicker baskets, and wooden carts recreate the charm of old-time markets.

Props and fixtures help you make the most use of your space. Use baskets to showcase a bountiful harvest. Bins and carts invite customers to explore the fruit section of your store more thoroughly.

2. Emphasize Seasonal Fruit

Another way to increase fruit sales at your grocery store is to emphasize seasonal offerings. People enjoy the delicious taste of seasonal fruit, and it’s fun to use this produce in special recipes.

Make it easy for customers to access berries and melons in the summertime. During cold seasons, customers will enjoy grabbing fruit such as apples and oranges for hot ciders.

3. Keep Merchandise Organized and Full

Invite customers to the produce section by keeping merchandise well organized and fully stocked. Displaying fresh, bright fruit sets the tone for the entire store and communicates that you offer the best food to your customers.

Keep a consistent display layout that promotes familiarity and repeat business. During busy times, have associates fill in empty spaces to keep bins looking full.

Consider organizing fruit based on what pairs well together. Adding informational cards about the flavor profile and uses for different fruits will encourage customers to prepare fruit in different ways.

4. Keep Offerings Fresh

Entice customers to buy more fruit by keeping the offerings fresh. Check your displays multiple times a day to ensure everything looks great. Clean the bins and remove damaged fruit that makes the display less attractive.

While customers prefer the freshest ingredients possible, sometimes they opt for more convenient options. For example, to save time and effort, many customers buy grab-n-go pineapple.

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