Melissa DelMastro

Fresh Juice at the Ella Cafe

We love to feature our commercial juicers in action and this month our customer spotlight is on the Ella Cafe located in Plantation, Florida.

The owner, Jason Gol is dedicated to serving delicious, made-from-scratch food in an environment filled with energy, great people with a stage area for Open Mike Night and live music. The entire aesthetics (hip and chic) of this place was built — actually constructed — by Gol and a couple of guys.

The clientele at Ella Café is a mixture: businessmen coming for meetings, as do families with young children who are happy to clamor around the pint-sized kiddie table up front. Yoga moms make it a meet-up spot as well.

Coffee and baked goods are the main focus and not until recently Gol thought it would be a good idea to serve up juice using the Ceado ES-700. It sits on the counter-top and fits perfectly into the decor. It yells fresh and homemade!

Some popular drinks made with the Ceado ES-700include: celery juice, mango hurricane, non-alcoholic apple-tini with apple cucumber, ginger and agave. This is his first run with offering these types of drinks but he hopes it will bring in that missing demographic. “Everything is there so you get to physically view it, and if you want to know the price, you ask the price – we’re not overpriced,” says Gol. “You pay for a coffee $3 to $5. I want someone to make a decision on what looks good, what they want.”