Are you relying on delicious, fresh juice to keep your customers coming back time and time again? Restaurants, grocery stores, juice bars, and countless other businesses entice potential patrons with tasty and healthy juice products. If fresh juice is on your menu, you will need a high-quality juicer to ensure customer satisfaction. The commercial juice extractor market can be competitive, so how do you find one that meets all your requirements? The factors to consider when selecting the best juicer for your business will help you choose the perfect juicer to grace your counters or kitchens.

Serving Capacity

Your business model plays a huge role in choosing the right juicer. Think about how many customers you see a day and how you serve them. Is your focus on producing gallons of high-quality juice every hour, or do you prioritize the customer experience of made-to-order fresh juice to serve on demand? Choosing the right juicer will help support your unique business design.

If you need to serve a high volume of customers quickly, a high-capacity juicer like our cold-press multi-fruit juicers will suit your needs. This is a great option for restaurants or larger establishments. For businesses that provide a more personal experience—such as small juice bars or cafés—countertop juicers like the Ceado ES-500/700/900 series or the Ceado S98 or SL98 work well. While these juicers offer a smaller volume, their efficiency and reliability support the great customer experience you extend to everyone who walks through your door.

Space and Layout Design

In addition to your business model, you must also think about the size and layout of your physical space. Where will your new commercial juicer be placed? How will your employees access it? Will your customers be able to see it? These questions will help you find a juicer that fits your business needs and your physical layout.

Large commercial kitchens that customers cannot see make for a great space for high-capacity juicers such as Juicernet’s JBT MFJ juicer that produces a lot of juice from multiple fruits at once. However, if your customers can see you making your products—as is the case with many smaller cafés and juice bars—you may consider using a counter top juicer that is more compact and light weight but still visually pleasing to the eye In these spaces, countertop juicers are a fun way to involve the customers in the juicing experience and allow them to watch the process of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. As soon as someone walks into your business, they can smell the tempting aroma of fresh-squeezed juice. When a customer purchases a glass or bottle for themselves, they get to watch you make their order ensuring it is freshly made and ready to serve on demand. This is the best kind of fresh guarantee you can offer for a product, and it makes customers more willing to return—and spend more—for your delicious, fresh juice.

When you think carefully about these factors to consider when selecting the best juicer for your business, you can find a professional juicer machine that supports your employees, your customers, and your overall business model. Find a juicer that your business can rely on for years to come by browsing Juicernet’s website today.