Juicing offers many health benefits, but is it really better than eating fruits and vegetables the traditional way? Many health enthusiasts worry they aren’t getting the same nutrients when they juice fruits and veggies instead of eating them whole. Some of the nutrients differ between whole and juiced produce, but both options offer incredible health benefits. Learn more as we explore eating versus juicing and how the nutrients change.

Juicing Makes Absorbing Nutrients Easy

Let’s start by discussing the unique health benefits of juicing. By drinking fruits and vegetables instead of eating them whole, you make it easier for your body to absorb the rich nutrients within these foods. Fresh fruit or vegetable juice is easy on the digestive system, allowing your body to quickly absorb nutrients for a fast, natural energy boost and making for a happier digestive tract.

Whole Fruits and Veggies Give You Fiber

One of the biggest concerns people have about juicing instead of eating produce whole is the lack of fiber. This is the main nutrient you miss out on if you choose to juice your fruits and vegetables. Fiber comes from the skins, peels, and pulp of fruit and vegetables. This nutrient improves digestive health and helps you feel fuller. You can keep some fiber if you leave pulp in your juice, but most of the fiber ultimately doesn’t make it through the juicing process. Eating whole fruits and vegetables helps you keep more fiber in your diet.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Fresh Produce

The bottom line when you’re considering eating versus juicing and how the nutrients change is that both are healthy options. A balanced diet can include fresh juice alongside whole fruits and vegetables. In fact, eating both helps you get your daily serving of fruits and veggies as well as the vital minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants they contain. When whole fruits are messy and time consuming to prepare, juicing allows you to quickly gain the nutrients you need.

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