Bonnie Mulligan 

There’s no doubt about it: more and more individuals all over the world are adding fresh fruit juice to their menu. But what does that mean, specifically? Simply put, it means that they are using automatic juicers or a commercial fruit juicer machine to make a drink filled with nutrients.

For instance, let’s looks at an 8-ounce cup of unsweetened pineapple juice. It is filled with calcium, magnesium, and bromelain, which has been shown to reduce swelling and bruising from sports-related injuries.

Clearly, this is a lifestyle that is here to stay. Just think about the facts: in the United States, the consumption of fresh fruit juicewas 6.6 gallons per capita in 2015. The numbers keep growing. And all these folks are adopting this lifestyle choice of using a juicer machine to make a difference in their lives. Some may even be opening a juice bar!

A lifestyle choice is one thing, but how does this lifestyle choice impact their choices in the kitchen? How do they get fresh fruit juice? It is clearly up to the individual, but most of the time it means they use commercial juice extractors to get all the benefits of sugarcane and the other fresh fruits they are juicing.

Many of these products are so delicious that they are consumed by people everywhere. There is definitely something fantastic and wonderful about the world of fresh fruit juice! Let’s look at a few things that explain its popularity.


Fresh fruit juice drinks can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. In hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, college campuses…the sky is the limit. Everyone benefits from these great drinks.

More Environmentally Friendly

Having a fresh fruit juice drink does no harm to the environment. In fact, some juices have positive effects and benefits on medical problems.

Finally, fresh fruit juice drinks are an incredible source of nourishment–and they are so delicious! Whether you are starting a juice bar and have an industrial juicer, or are simply interested in making fresh fruit drinks for your family, this is a great endeavor. And it is something that we can all be excited about. These products are all-around great for us all!