Melissa DelMastro

Don’t waste juicer pulp, try these ideas first!

If you are juicing regularly you know that you have a lot of pulp to deal with. Before throwing it away, first decide from these three options, what you will do with it.

Option #1 : Use the pulp immediately after juicing so that it is at its freshest state.
Option #2: Put the pulp in a ziplock bag or a glass container with a tight-lid and store in your fridge and use within a few days.
Option #3 : Freeze your pulp for future use.One thing to keep in mind as you read these creative ideas is that they can not be used for all types of juice pulp. Grapes, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables should not be consumed by dogs so you would not want to make the dog biscuits out of pulp that contained those foods. Carrot and apple pulp are the most flexible and taste good in many recipes. Other juicing ingredients like greens might not make the yummiest fruit leather but as with juice recipes, it is best to experiment and find your favorite.

Here are Juicernet’s top uses for Juice Pulp:

1) Dog treats
2) Feed for animals
3) Mix some back in your juice for a pulpy drink
4) Add to Smoothies
5) Add to Soups
6) Add to Pancakes
7) Make Skin Scrub
8) Make Fruit Leather
9) Make Muffins
10) Make Rissoles
11) Make Crackers
12) Make Veggie Burgers
13) Use to thicken soups and stews
14) Use in place of breadcrumbs
15) Hugelkultur Beds
16) Share with a Farmer

Looking for more ideas on what to do with your juice pulp? Have you thought about composting? There are many different ways to start your own compost pile and it can be done inexpensively. A good compost is a mix of brown and green material, if you get too much of one or the other, your pile will not effectively compost. Get 2 basic, 5 gallon buckets and fill one bucket with your brown materials, ripped newspapers, dry leaves, hay, straw, wood chips or branches. The smaller the pieces the quicker it will process. Place the pulp into the empty bucket and then sprinkle a little of the brown material over your juice pulp. Line the lid of your compost bucket with newspaper to avoid fruit flies. There are many options for compost bins, a little research and you can find a good match for your home. If you are using our Ceado ES-700 you can get our Through The Counter Chute. This makes composting the pulp easy. The chute sends the pulp to a larger waste bin under the counter, you can have a bin lined with a bag so when it is full you can pull it out, tie it up and leave it to be picked up by your local composter.