When was the last time you mixed up something new for your drink menu? Restaurants, cafés, juice bars, and other establishments should always be on the lookout for new recipes to entice customers and add a little flourish to your menu. One fresh idea that’s gaining popularity is mixing coffee and fresh fruit juice to create colorful and creative recipes. Combining coffee with fruit juice is a tasty twist that customers will love at any time of day. Start experimenting with these delicious ideas and see where your new coffee and juice creations will take you.

Good Morning Sunshine: Orange Juice and Coffee

Do you prefer orange juice or coffee in the morning? With this recipe, you can have both. Greet the day with a burst of bright energy from an orange juice and coffee concoction.

The recipe itself is simple. Start by making fresh orange juice with your professional citrus juicer. Pour the orange juice over a generous amount of ice, then top it with espresso or cold brew. The sweet citrus of the orange juice balances the bitterness of espresso, creating a wonderfully refreshing morning drink. Experiment with different ratios, citrus garnishes, and other variations to create a picture-perfect beverage that customers will fall in love with.

Berry Delicious: Berry-Coffee Mixes

Many people adore a touch of sweetness in their coffee. Skip the sugar and creamer and satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries instead. The naturally sweet fruit juice complements the taste of the coffee. Berry juice works best with filtered coffees—especially South American coffees. Experiment with different kinds of berries to create your favorite sweet concoction.

Tasty and Tropical: Espresso and Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, and passion fruit are perfect for celebrating summer. The sweetly tart delight of tropical fruits enhances the rich flavor of coffee, creating a beautifully balanced drink that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Fresh tropical fruit juices work best with espresso drinks.

You can keep it simple by adding espresso to the top of your fruit juice and watching the mesmerizing swirls as the two liquids combine. Alternatively, work with extra ingredients like coconut milk to create a sweet and refreshing treat.

Combining coffee with fruit juice is a tasty twist that any kitchen can pull off. With quality juicer machines from Juicernet, you can create deliciously fresh fruit juice to use in all your favorite drink recipes. Enhance your kitchen and bring something new to your customers when you put more fresh juice drinks on your menu.