Nicole Loomis

Juicing It Up

Society today has become a more fast paced, immediate response kind of place to live. The growing epidemic of fast foods, made to order menus, and grocery pickups are just a few of the many ways companies have accommodated the growing need for swift action. In doing this, the growing population are not receiving their daily dosage of fruits and vegetables but have increased their carbohydrates, protein, and fat intake. This has caused the increase of obesity and long term chronic illness that can easily be diverted with the proper nutrition.

Juicing is a way to acquire the daily dose of nutrition on the go and juice bars provide the proper commercial juice machines, the adequate trained staff and all the produce you can possibly think of; and probably a few you have never heard about. Juicing became mainstream in the 1990’s when individuals began to buckle down on living a healthier lifestyle which then spread into Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Since the juice bar industry has grown into a global market over the past ten years, it has reached an astounding value of nine billion dollars. This has enabled opening a juice bar a much more profitable, and stable business option for the beginning entrepreneur.

When the public realized they could meet their daily portions of fruit and veggies in a single eight ounce cup, it made “being healthier” much easier and accessible. Each juice bar business has the standard options of juice or smoothie texture, as well as their own special juice bar recipes to offer to the public. Knowing the community, the produce that is available in the area for quick fill orders, and supporting the correct smoothie bar equipment, NSF certified juicer, or the right commercial juice machines make the difference in success for supply and demand. As every generation becomes hungrier for speedy and precise service, being capable to provide is essential.

The benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables, for the newly informed, are huge! Not only because the ability of receiving the average daily amount of vitamins and minerals from the everyday items are in liquid form, but because of the ability to extract wheatgrass juice, or the sugarcane juice nutrition, is actually possible. Extracting juices that will be beneficial can be a tedious task if the research and knowledge have not been properly done. These things would not be possible without the correct commercial juice machines.

For example, the type of commercial juice machines needed to physically remove sugarcane extract from the stalk is by way of a sugar cane press. This device takes the stalk, presses it tightly and then rolls along the stalk of the sugarcane causing the internal “guts” to flow out and then be transferred into a sugarcane juicer which will then extract the natural juices. The benefits of sugarcane juice is the high antioxidants so it aides in fighting infections and increase the immune system. By ingesting sugarcane, by way of juice, it’s wealth in iron, magnesium, and calcium (along with being loaded with other electrolytes) helps to cure the common cold and fight fever as it boosts the body’s protein levels.

Another advantage to having the right commercial juice machines is the ability to pull out the nutritious juices from wheatgrass. Having a wheatgrass juice extractor machine aides in the ability to siphon the amino acids and antioxidants from its tiny blades. This particular product is high in vitamins A, C, and E, along with calcium, iron, and magnesium. Some benefits from consuming wheatgrass may assist in lowering cholesterol levels, killing cancer cells, regulating blood sugar levels as well aiding in inflammation reduction.

These are just a couple of advantages to juicing the recommended daily doses of your fruits and vegetables. Being able to “Grab and Go” has become the common factor and juice bars have discovered carrying the proper commercial juice machines can assist them with these demands. Whether it be an automatic citrus juicer or juicers for restaurants, the long term benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables can greatly increase one’s quality, and longevity, of life giving years to an individual to create more memories.