Nicole Loomis 

Most people understand the benefits of starting off your morning with a tall glass of juice or incorporating fresh fruit juice into an evening cocktail. After all, a single serving of orange juice contains more than 200% of the vitamin C your body requires per day. But that doesn’t mean that OJ is the only juice that can boost your health and delight your tastebuds. In fact, you might want to think beyond the entire fruity genre and venture into veggies for your newest menu additions.

Green juice bar recipes tend to feature vegetables such as kale, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, fennel, mint, and more. Some will even include the ingredients obtained from wheatgrass juice extractor machines for an added punch. These juices aren’t usually made only from green vegetables; they’ll also add apples, carrots, citrus fruits, ginger, beets, berries, and other components to add a bit of sweetness and depth of flavor.

Now that you understand a bit more about the ingredients you’ll feed through your commercial fruit juicer, you might be wondering why you should add these kinds of juices to your menu. For one thing, they’ll offer some variety. While many customers do enjoy sweeter juices, there are plenty of people who want to watch their sugar intake. Others might want something a bit more savory to balance out a meal or to provide them with fuel for their day. It’s also important to note that the green juice ingredients you’ll use in your professional juicer offer a number of health benefits. The antioxidants found in these juices can be a major selling point for consumers. Some green juices are said to offer anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-carcinogenic qualities. They include essential vitamins (including A, C, and K) and minerals. What’s more, restaurants can make better use of their fresh produce by coming up with creative uses for vegetables like these.

If you’ve been searching for new recipes to add to your menu, you don’t have to limit yourself to citrus-based juices or sweet smoothies. While these mainstays can be highly popular, you can set your eatery apart and keep your customers engaged by creating new offerings on a consistent basis. To learn more about we can help your business grow with our selection of commercial fruit juicers and ongoing customer support, please contact us today.