A powerful and efficient juicer can help you serve more customers in less time. That said, even a fast juicer needs support to operate at maximum efficiency. If your staff and workflow aren’t keeping up with your juicing machine, you’re still going to see delays in your orders. How do you create better efficiency in your business? Check out these tips for consistently achieving the maximum output from your juicer.

Start the Day on the Right Foot

To make the most of your juicing machine, you have to first ensure your entire business is ready to go. If you have to spend time cleaning and organizing equipment in the morning, you won’t be able to start juicing efficiently right away. Try to have everything you need for efficient juicing ready to go before you open your doors for the day.

First and foremost, clean all your juicing equipment the night before so that it’s ready to go when you open in the morning. It also helps to have all the equipment you need—including the juicer and its parts, small utensils, and your produce—on hand and ready for whenever you need them.

Turn Prep Into a Science

While your juicer is an important part of the juicing process, it can’t handle every task. Your employees need to be well-versed in all the other steps of the juicing process. Tasks like washing produce, filling and operating the juicer, and bottling juice will fall to your staff, so make sure everyone knows how to fulfill their roles quickly and effectively. The better trained your staff are, the easier it will be for them to keep up with your juicer.

Keep Your Juicer in Great Shape

A huge part of achieving the maximum output from your juicer is to keep it in excellent shape. Maintain your juicing machine by cleaning it at least once a day. You should also train your entire staff in juicing best practices so you can eliminate operational mistakes. Finally, if your juicer malfunctions or wears down, address the problem quickly by ordering the correct replacement parts or hiring an expert service technician to repair the machine. By keeping your juicer in good shape, you ensure your juicing machine always delivers maximum efficiency.

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