The craft beer industry faces many challenges, but professional juicing equipment can help your business evolve in a tough market. Explore five reasons to add a commercial juicer to your brewery.

1. Broaden Your Flavor Range

Your consumers are looking for fresh takes on quality craft beer. One of the best—and easiest—ways to broaden your flavor offerings is to add fruit to your recipes. You can add your customers’ favorite fruity beers as staples on your drink menu or create limited-time drinks using seasonal fruit.

Furthermore, high-quality ingredients enhance a beer’s quality and value. By sourcing and using raw fruit with the help of a commercial juicer, you avoid ill-famed artificial flavors and increase the quality of your beers.

2. Brighten Your Beer

Most types of fruits are acidic. In the right dose, acid brightens beer and makes it taste softer and more refreshing. But you can ruin the flavor if you overpower the beer with fruit acid. That’s why it’s important to use fruit consistently and avoid fruit products with added acids.

A commercial juicer makes it easy to produce a reliable product every time. When you use Juicernet’s equipment, you can depend on the juicer to transform your quality raw ingredients into consistently flavorful, smooth juice.

3. Avoid Harmful Preservatives

Pre-packaged fruit concentrates, purees, and juices can contain additives that hamper your brewing processes. Mainly, preservatives in many commercially produced fruit products can interfere with your brewer’s yeast.

Instead, create your juice in-house to avoid harmful additives. Juicernet’s Ceado ES500 fruit and vegetable juicer processes whole fruits like apples and pears efficiently. Professional equipment reduces prep time and makes it more convenient to use fresh fruit.

4. Craft Limited-Time Specials

Another reason to add a commercial juicer to your brewery is to make it easier for you to craft limited-time specials. Beers with seasonal fruit can add a special festive touch to your drink menu. Whether you want to offer an orange-brightened stout in the summer or a mellow, apple-cinnamon ale in the fall, fresh fruit juice gives you options.

The Ceado S98 and SL98 are the most popular citrus juicers on the market today, perfect for summertime citrus brews. The SL98’s design improves the centrifugal force juicing process to increase output. Both juicers include a double interchangeable reamer for squeezing all types of citrus juice without adding bitterness from the rind.

5. Enjoy Easy Use and Maintenance

Professional juicing equipment benefits your brewery by yielding delicious, consistent results in the volume your business requires. Plus, the equipment is easy to use and maintain, making it one of the best tools in a commercial kitchen.

The Ceado ES500 is compact, lightweight, and highly functional. The juicer’s safety locking arm and motor brake promote safe operation. After juicing, easily remove the ES500’s magnetic juicer parts to clean the equipment and prevent residue from hardening on the appliance. You can clean the motor housing with a clean cloth dampened with water or alcohol and clean other components with warm water and mild soap.

Shop with Juicernet for a commercial fruit and vegetable juicer for your brewery. We provide excellent customer service and are happy to help you find the right appliance for your business. Contact us today to request more information!