Whether your hotel features a swim-up or poolside bar, a designated drink station elevates the pool experience for guests. Make a splash with simple changes that drive sales and improve the ambiance. Get inspired with these five ideas to make your hotel’s pool experience more luxurious.

1. Make Beverages With Fresh Ingredients

Offering an array of poolside drinks will satisfy your visitors’ palates and keep them cool and hydrated. Focusing on fresh ingredients highlights the luxurious experience. Create alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including juice blends and smoothies.

In your menu, emphasize the use of seasonal ingredients such as sunny citrus. For simplicity, use versatile juicing equipment that can work with oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, and tangerines.

2. Create a Welcoming Poolside Bar

Decorate and equip your poolside bar to encourage people to mix and mingle. The bar’s decor should carry on the theme of the hotel. And for a truly luxurious touch, bartenders should use showmanship to make drinks for people of all ages.

Your equipment can help transform wait time into show time. For example, the JM-20 Automatic Feed Juicer slices oranges, lemons, and limes in half before pressing them to yield juice. Your juicing equipment can make it fun for hotel guests to watch the bartender make their drinks.

3. Keep the Workstation Clean

Nothing can ruin a hotel vacation like unkempt space. Keeping the bar clean and organized is necessary for running a healthy establishment. But cleanliness will also make it easier for you to work safely.

Professional juicing equipment extracts a high volume of juice, minimizing waste. Smart design can also help you provide a sanitary product. For example, the Second Generation Commercial Cold-Pressed Juicer by JBT reduces the risk of contamination. It’s also easy to clean the stainless-steel interior.

4. Use Fun Garnishes

Before food or drink reaches our mouths, we eat with our eyes. Add garnishes to your drinks to make them pop. Fun designs can also encourage other people to order drinks, too.

Garnish drinks with fruit like orange wedges or cherries. Or consider garnishing with spiky pineapple leaves. Paper cocktail umbrellas can visually liven up any drink.

5. Craft a Signature Drink

The final idea to make your hotel’s pool experience more luxurious is to offer an unforgettable signature drink. Use the hotel’s overall design as inspiration.

In a hotel with a classic style, consider a tropical drink featuring a timeless favorite like pineapple, citrus, or coconut. If you want to emphasize trendiness, offer a drink with an unexpected twist, such as chewy tapioca pearls.

Create an endless variety of tasty drinks with a professional citrus juicer from Juicernet. Commercial-grade juicing equipment makes it easy to quickly make drinks with minimal waste. Shop with us today.