Give clients an unforgettable spa session from beginning to end. Discover five extras that make clients feel pampered at the spa.

1. Your Spa’s Signature Drink

What makes your spa special? A signature drink can help you craft an experience your clients won’t find anywhere else.

Herbal teas and fresh water are mainstays of spa refreshments. Branch out and make signature juices, smoothies, or infused teas with ingredients and flavors that promote tranquility.

2. Refreshments That Support the Spa Treatment

A signature drink welcomes clients to your unique spa, but another option is to create treatment-enhancing beverages. Drinks can be soothing, energy-boosting, or feature a blend of ingredients that promote healthy functions, such as digestive health.

Depending on the treatment, you can offer a specialized drink during or at the end of the session. Explain how the natural ingredients work to enhance the treatment, and the client will enjoy the drink even more.

3. Electrolyte Replenishment Options

Massage therapists knead, rub, and manipulate clients’ muscles. Massage can reduce stress, diminish pain, and make clients feel physically and mentally relaxed. Since muscles are manipulated in unusual ways during a session, it’s important to rehydrate afterward to avoid soreness and stiffness.

Provide clients with post-session juice options that rehydrate and replenish electrolytes. Orange juice and cherry juice are good sources of electrolytes, helping to balance water levels in the body and improve the movement of nutrients in and out of cells.

4. Add-On Mini Services

Add-on mini services are special extras that make clients feel pampered at the spa. An unexpected special treatment can make clients feel valued. For instance, facial steaming cleanses and relaxes; easily customize the experience with various herbs, botanicals, and essential oils.

A facial steam add-on is also an opportunity for you to offer a simple drink that pairs nicely with the experience. Ingredients such as rosemary, chamomile, and lavender work well in herbal teas.

5. An Immersive, Multi-Sensory Experience

Create an immersive session by catering to all the client’s senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Use soothing lights and colors to create a space that looks tranquil. Play ambient sounds, feature soft surfaces, and diffuse calming scents to further envelope clients in the spa session.

Since many spas overlook taste, catering to this sense can add unique value to your spa sessions. Citrus juices please the palate and can add more dimension to treatments that feature citrus ingredients.

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