Hotel breakfasts are a popular way to make your guests’ experience special. Whether you run a cozy bed and breakfast or the local branch of an elite hotel chain, you can help enhance your business by providing a fresh and delicious breakfast for all your patrons.

While it’s easy enough to keep a collection of cereal, muffins, and other quick meals on hand, going the extra mile with your breakfast selection makes staying at your hotel more memorable. Check out these ways to upgrade your hotel guests’ breakfast experience and make mornings at your hotel better than ever.

Offer Variety for All Breakfast Lovers

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but that can mean something different to everyone. Some guests will want quick meals that they can take with them as they head out for a busy day. Health-conscious guests may want fresh, nutrient-rich foods that align with their usual diet. Meanwhile, other guests will want to enjoy their vacation by sitting down to a hearty, home-cooked breakfast.

Offering a variety of foods allows you to serve all your guests the kind of breakfast they want. Be sure to expand your beverages, too. Coffee is a common favorite, but it’s also a good idea to serve a variety of teas, fresh juice, smoothies, and more.

You can even branch out with more unique offerings. For example, purchasing a commercial sugarcane juicer for your kitchen allows you to serve naturally sweet and energizing sugarcane juice. Adding special items to your menu is a great way to upgrade your hotel guests’ breakfast experience, show off local culinary favorites, and make your business stand out from other hotels.

Use Signs To Your Advantage

The more breakfast options you have, the easier it is to please guests. However, more options also make it easier for guests to get lost while filling their plates. Labels, guides, and other signs are perfect for directing your guests through your breakfast options.

Start with directional signs that point out where lines start or where guests can grab napkins and silverware. It’s also a good idea to label different dishes, especially if you’re serving unique breakfast foods that some guests might not have experienced before. Labels are also good for listing allergens, dietary alternatives, and other important information.

Make the Room Comfortable

Improving your breakfast experience involves more than just adjusting your menu. Your breakfast setting is also important. If guests have to eat breakfast in a boring room that’s right off the lobby, they won’t have a truly comfortable or relaxing experience. Decorate your breakfast space to create an inviting dining atmosphere. Invest in comfortable seating, warm lighting, nice dishware, and other thoughtful touches that elevate your breakfast setting.

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