Tart, slightly sweet lime juice is a tasty ingredient in drinks and sweet and savory dishes. Get the most juice per fruit to avoid waste and maximize profit. Discover three ways to get the most juice from your limes.

1. Store Limes Whole and Retain Moisture

Cut limes lose moisture quickly, and less moisture means harder rinds. The best way to store limes for freshness and maximum flavor is to keep them whole.

One of the best ways to store limes is in a container of water in your fridge. You can also place limes in a sealed container to protect them from air-drying.

Limes will only last at room temperature for three to five days. After this point, the flavor deteriorates, and you might have to toss some fruit out.

2. Juice Small Volumes With Countertop Citrus Juicers

A commercial citrus juicer is one of the best ways for a business to get the most juice from limes. Need a small volume of fresh lime juice? The Ceado S98 and SL98 Commercial Automatic Citrus Juicers from Juicernet have you covered.

The SL98 has a lever handle for efficient juicing and higher yields. After placing the lime half over the reamer, lower the splash cover until the cone touches the lime. Then, apply downward pressure to the cover.

The motor will start automatically and ream the fruit until it has removed all the juice. The reamer’s shape helps release the largest amount of liquid from the lime’s membranes. These juicers are the best for businesses that require a small volume of citrus juice but need a reliable product extracted efficiently.

3. Use Specialized Automatic Juicers for High Capacity

Juicernet also carries commercial citrus juicers for high-volume businesses. Our high-volume professional juicing equipment minimizes prep time and maximizes product.

The JM-20 Automatic Feed Juicer can process 20 limes or other citrus fruit per minute and only takes up 26 inches of counter space. The hopper can hold up to 40 pounds of citrus.

The appliance automatically indexes the limes and slices them in half. Then, it presses the limes to extract the juice. The JM-20 has optional lemon and lime squeezing heads, so you can use this machine to extract quality orange, lime, or lemon juice.

Save time and money with an efficient commercial lime juicer from Juicernet. Customers will love the refreshing flavor of fresh lime. Shop today for equipment for businesses of all sizes.