The coronavirus pandemic has left its mark, forcing businesses across a wide range of industries to adapt. As customers forged new habits around safety and convenience, grocery stores changed their layout, inventory, and long-standing traditions. The way we shop for food changed so quickly in the early months of the pandemic that many business changes have become a new normal that may last for years. By staying on top of consumer habits, grocery stores can continue to satisfy their customers and stand out among their competition. Find new ways to evolve by learning about these ways the pandemic has changed grocery shopping.

Longer, More Focused Shopping Lists

Before the pandemic, many adults stopped by the grocery store a couple of times a week. Shorter but more frequent trips were more convenient for the working adult who drove by the store on their way home from work. When the pandemic hit, many workers stopped commuting. Casual trips to the grocery store were no longer convenient. Instead, customers began planning longer and less frequent trips to practice social distancing. Customers created longer and more focused grocery lists. This allowed them to get in and out of the store quickly. This habit lingers even as businesses ease their restrictions. Customers are looking for their favorite items in convenient and intuitive store layouts. If they can get what they need quickly, they’re likely to go back to that store.

Convenient and Contact-Free Ordering

When customers needed social distancing solutions, the food industry rose to the occasion. Online ordering, home deliveries, and curbside pickup became industry-wide solutions. These options continue to serve many adults and families, making them some of the most significant ways the pandemic has changed grocery shopping. Curbside pickup turns an hour-long grocery trip into a five-minute stop. Home delivery is invaluable for sick customers who are unable to \ drive themselves to the store, or those who simply do not have time for a grocery trip due to their busy schedules. Stores that offer convenient choices like these make shopping more accessible for all their customers.

Convenience Made Easy

While cooking became a huge trend during the pandemic, customers also sought easy meals and comfort foods. Frozen foods, pre-packaged meals, and similar options became more appealing than ever. The later expiration dates of frozen meals make it easy to stock up on your favorite meals and make fewer trips to the store. Even better, convenient options mean fewer interactions with others. Customers don’t have to speak to someone at the deli counter or pick up produce that other customers touched. That’s why self-serve options like our Piñabar pineapple machine are also drawing customers. When customers can get the convenient products they want—like freshly cut, cored, and peeled pineapple—they’ll keep coming back to see what other colorful and handy products you offer.

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