Bonnie Mulligan

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses across all industries have to do everything they can to stand out. That includes hotels — both chain and boutique. If you want to make a positive impression on your guests from the first moment they walk in the door, here are three sweet perks you should consider adding to your amenities list.

  1. Free Wi-Fi: While internet access used to be a rather impressive and rare offering, guests in the digital age now expect their lodgings to offer high-speed wireless internet connections. It’s a nice gesture to make Wi-Fi available in your hotel’s lobby or in your restaurants, but it’s definitely necessary to have protected Wi-Fi connections specifically for your guests to use. Make sure to include all necessary information displayed legibly in their welcome packets and in all rooms to ensure guests can easily connect without frustration.
  2. Stellar Room Service: Not every hotel offers room service — but it’s definitely a benefit that could convince guests to initially book or to return at a later date. And if you make your room service available 24/7, all the better. It might seem unnecessary, but it will probably really pay off when you have guests who return to their rooms in the wee hours of the morning or when families have early morning activities planned. It’s a great way to cement your commitment to high-quality food and drinks, too. You’ll be able to use those automatic juicers to promote fresh fruit juice or highlight local produce and proteins on your menu to entice guests to treat themselves.
  3. Fantastic Restaurants: If you’re smart, your hotel will also have a restaurant or two to appeal to guests, local residents, and other tourists. It’s an ideal way to bring in more revenue and amp up brand interest. Whether you’re going for a farm-to-table concept, want to drive home a health-conscious mission, or are all about decadence, you’ll be able to attract more customers and make your presence known. Don’t forget that complimentary breakfasts are an excellent way to introduce guests to your eateries and convince them to enjoy other meals right at your hotel! Be sure to promote your juicers for restaurants, as many guests will recognize the benefits of juicing or will want to start their days off with some fresh-squeezed goodness. Keep in mind that while orange juice was the most popular juice for Americans in 2015, with the average person drinking 2.7 gallons that year, you don’t have to stick to conventional flavor profiles. As a bonus, you can also use your automatic juicer to create specialty cocktails that guests can’t find at just any bar.

Of course, there are countless other perks — like keyless entry, complimentary robes, spa treatments, high-quality linens, and more — that hotels should consider offering to guests. But we feel fantastic flavors should be one of the highlights. To find out more about how our automatic juicers can help you impress hotel guests, contact us today.