Fresh pineapple cut by the Piñabar self-serve machine will delight resort guests. Provide fresh fruit quickly with commercial equipment that doubles as a marketing device. Discover three reasons why your resort needs a Piñabar.

Make Fresh Fruit Fun

The Piñabar makes fresh pineapple more fun to order and eat. Guests will enjoy the special experience of ordering a fresh pineapple and having the machine peel and core the fruit. The Piñabar dispenses the pineapple as a cylinder or spears based on the customer’s order.

This pineapple coring machine creates a unique branding opportunity that immerses visitors more deeply in the resort experience. Customize your machine’s style and color with a unique wrap that promotes your resort’s story.

Reduce Wait Time

The longer guests spend time in a line waiting on food service, the less satisfied they become with their stay. The Piñabar provides ready-to-eat pineapple in under 20 seconds. Reduce wait time in other snack lines by giving guests access to this easy-to-use equipment.

A flashing indicator light on the front of the machine signals what the user should do. The Piñabar makes every step easy, from placing the fruit into the machine to retrieving the peeled and cored pineapple. Visitors will enjoy the convenience of this wholesome snack.

Cut Costs

The third reason your resort needs a Piñabar is to reduce labor costs and minimize waste. Pineapple is one of the more labor-intensive fruits to prepare because of its prickly skin and fibrous core. Professional equipment makes it faster and safer to cut pineapple.

The automated process also enhances the efficient use of the fruit. New or fatigued workers can dispose of too much of the tasty pineapple flesh as they core and peel the fruit. The Piñabar makes efficient cuts that ensure your guests get the most fruit possible from each pineapple.

Purchase a Piñabar pineapple corer-slicer from Juicernet. We’re happy to customize the color of your equipment to create an eye-catching marketing tool your guests will love. Shop with us today to boost your resort’s fresh pineapple sales.