Bonnie Mulligan

When opening a juice bar, a big part of the process is deciding which menu items to offer. Of course, you can easily offer beloved standards like orange, apple, or mixed tropical fruit. But to attract younger customers, you may have to think a bit outside the box (or carton). According to a 2016 Trend Insight Report, 40% of Millennials say they’re bored with standard fruit juice flavors. If you want to appeal to this generation’s discerning tastebuds, you’ll need to get on their level — starting with these three crowd-pleasing flavor profiles.

Something SourMillennial customers grew up on sour flavor profiles: from energy drinks to mouth-puckering candies, they can’t get enough of citrus and other sour flavors. In addition, customers are now more aware of the amount of sugar they consume on a daily basis. Kimchi, Greek yogurt, pickled vegetables, kombucha, tamarind, and other sour foods have really taken off in recent years among young Americans.

To attract these young customers, consider putting an emphasis on your sour offerings. Lemons, limes, tart cherries, passionfruit, cranberries, and other acidic fruits will provide the flavor shock many Millennials want.

Hot ‘n SpicyAs a whole, Millennials are into interesting pairings that tantalize their tongues. One of the ways to amp up any dish or beverage is to add some heat. That’s why spicy hot chocolate and sriracha have come into their own among this demographic. Many coffees, sodas, and even alcoholic beverages have embraced this trend; there’s no reason why commercial fruit juicers can’t help you join the party.

One obvious choice is to offer a vegetable juice (like a tomato or a green-based option) that’s flavored with habanero or other peppers. But you can even turn up the temp with a spicy citrus juice with cayenne or even a spicy beet juice with ginger and some spices. Even additions like clove and nutmeg can give a rather standard juice a whole new taste.

Herbaceous and FloralBartenders know that a lot of Millennial customers want something really refreshing and unique. You can utilize those same principles by adding herbs or floral elements to your juices. Lavender and rose water have become popular additions in recent years due to their delicate perfume quality, while herbs like cilantro, basil, and thyme can make any drink seem much brighter.

With help from their automatic juicers, business owners can develop their own blend of vegetable and herb juices, like carrot, apple, and lemon with ginger and mint. Not only will blending these ingredients with commercial fruit juicers produce an incredibly delicious product, but it’s one that can offer even more health benefits due to the herbs themselves.

Although you certainly don’t want to alienate any of your customers who love traditional juices, you will likely want to keep Millennials in mind when deciding on your offerings. This generation LOVES juice and smoothies, and their ideas about flavor pairings could really help your business grow. Plus, they’ll definitely keep your menu from getting stale. Want more info on how our commercial fruit juicers and support team can give your business the boost it needs? Contact us today.