Bonnie Mulligan

Bold flavors are still hot!

According to, exotic flavors like dragon fruit, botanicals, citrus, ginger, and guava will be popular in 2020.  Consumers are continuing to explore lower sugar options in their beverages as well as looking for additional functionality.  Additives like CBD and ashwagandha to decrease stress and anxiety will continue to grow in 2020. You can read more about their predictions here.

Nutritional describes nostalgic flavors like Cookie Dough and  Cotton Candy will be appearing in healthier versions of food and beverages in the adult market.  
Whole Foods predicts an influence from West Africa in flavors like the popular trio of tomatoes, onions and chili peppers as well as the superfoods moringa and tamarind.

Mocktails, handcrafted cocktails and kombucha are leading the beverage trends to watch according to this AZ Big Media article.  “Handcrafted cocktails are big and will continue to be a strong trend,” Kinstlinger says. “Drinks that have a focus on locally-cultivated, organic ingredients and garnishes are very popular. At a recent event, we featured a drink called the Honey Buzz created with locally-sourced honey from a bee farm just down the road. The lemons we used in the honey sour were also locally grown. Preparing drinks with a local twist, gives our staff something to talk to guests about and is just another way we look to make every guest experience unique and memorable.”

Juice bar owners can incorporate some of these trends to their drinks menu and create a new recipe for 2020. We recommend searching your local farmer’s market for inspiration and making some good contacts for locally sourced ingredients.