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The Inefficiency of
Cut and Press Juicers

Every second you use a low yield cut and press juicer you’re wasting precious time and money. Cut and press or low-grade juicers often lead to more labor, bitter taste of peel oil, 40 % less yield and less profits. With the Multi Fruit Juicer (MFJ) from Juicernet, you and your customers will experience the difference of our whole fruit processing technology.


The MFJ Increasesyour citrus juice production by 40%!

The Fresh’n Squeeze Multi-Fruit Juicer yields more juice per unit of fruit than any other citrus processing equipment with a minimum of 40% more yield. Its unique design allows the juicer to handle various fruit sizes and most of the world’s citrus varieties, including oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, and tangerines, without any change of component parts.

Durability Meets Efficiency:
The MFJ Lasts Longer and Performs Better

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Long-Term Durability.

Invest in a juicer that lasts longer than cut and press machines that are made with mostly plastic parts. The durability of the MFJ is legendary. Several first-generation machines are still being used today 25 years later.

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Enhanced Profit Margins

Boost your bottom line with the MFJ proven to increase juicing output by 40% while minimizing waste, decreasing labor costs and increasing profit margins.

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Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The new stainless-steel interior allows for complete wash down with a hose, making cleaning the juicer quick and easy. All the components and parts break down as well for easy cleaning and care.

Citrus juicers
A fresh glass of delicious orange juice.

Superior Tasting Citrus Juice
Can only come from the MFJ

Juicernet guarantees citrus juice that’s consistently fresh, flavorful, and visually appealing. This commitment to quality ensures each sip reflects your brand’s high standards, elevating your brands reputation and increasing the likelihood of repeat business. Your customers will taste the difference – and so will your profits.

The standard cold pressed juicer uses the whole fruit extraction principle. This instantaneous extraction principle is the primary reason for the superior quality juice delivered by the Fresh’n Squeeze® Multi–Fruit Juicer that separates the peel oil from the fruit. Peel oil adds bitterness to the taste of citrus juice, therefore, minimizing peel oil provides a cleaner taste of juice. Quality is also assured through the sanitary design of the juicing components. The MFJ significantly reduces risk of contamination because of the peel separation process.

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Maximizing Your Juicing Profits with the Multi-Fruit Juicer

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