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Our commercial juicers are NSF Certified: Juicernet by Mulligan Associates has over 30 years experience with commercial juicing equipment. Our specialty is helping businesses set up and operate profitable juice programs. We have established our fresh juicing programs in supermarkets, juice bars, hotels, coffee shops, gyms, spas, health food stores and more. Our trained juicing experts will help your business determine the right machine for your business.

Our commercial juice extractors are NSF certified:
JBT Food Tech Commercial citrus extractor, CJ & MFJ Commercial fruit and vegetable extractor, PPJ, Ceado, Commercial Citrus Extractor, SL98 & S98 Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Extractor, ES-500 & ES-700. NSF International is known as “The Most Trusted Name in Food SafetyTM”, founded in 1944 they are specialists in protecting human health.  They have developed standards and certifications to ensure public health.  They offer testing, certifications as well as education and training.  Visit the NSF website for information on HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and other food safety training and topics.

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