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Seasonal marketing is a common trend in supermarkets and restaurants alike.  Customers like to switch up their favorites and embrace seasonal recipes.  Consumers come to rely on the changing menus to welcome in the new seasons, from pumpkin to peppermint each new flavor strikes a sense of nostalgia and urgency.  The knowledge that the flavors will not be around for long so grab them while you can push sales for your business.

Summer is a perfect time to introduce lemonade as a featured beverage on your restaurant menu or supermarket shelves. The health driven consumer today does not want a lemonade that is pasteruized or from concentrate.  Our JBT Fresh ‘n Squeeze commercial citrus juicers are the perfect tool to provide your customers with jug after jug of delicious lemonade.  Our MFJ and CJ machines use whole fruit extraction to juice the lemon and provide you with amazing yield. 


You can offer a variety of lemonade recipes for your customers, mix in some watermelon juice, blueberry, strawberry, the seasonal fruit possibilities are a perfect match for a refreshing summer beverage.  The benefits of using a Fresh ‘n Squeeze machine is the confidence that your investment will last for many seasons to come.  The Fresh ‘n Squeeze line of juicers are very sturdy and reliable, comprised of more steel parts than any other juicer they have a life expectancy of at least 10 years and then you can get them refurbished. Invest in your business for many seasons of delicious lemonade and the classic orange juice which is always in season.

Happy Juicing!


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