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Juice Buzz- What is trending in the Juice Business?

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At Juicernet we have the privilege to work with many different industries.  Juicing’s popularity has grown to amazing levels and there has been a surge of creative business owners and executives who are bringing their customers fresh juice in many different locations. Our customers include juice bars, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, universities and colleges, bakeries, restaurants, and even food trucks.  The Juice Buzz is a new weekly feature on our blog where we will cover trending news topics, events, and tips that will help your juice business improve and succeed. We are excited to be preparing for 2016 and bringing you all the finest juice extracting equipment combined with amazing customer service. Now on to what is trending this week in the world of juice!


Big Y is keeping it local


“Praising family-owned and independent farms throughout southern New England for the key role they play in supplying its stores with hand-picked fruits and vegetables, Springfield, Mass.-based Big Y said it purchased more than $15 million worth of “native” fresh produce this year.

The amount represents an increase of nearly $1 million, or 6.3 percent, in native produce purchases from the prior year, along with more than 10 new farms added to its local supplier network, which now totals up to 60 local farmers. Big Y’s $15 million represents more than 10 million pounds of locally grown fruits and vegetables within its marketing area.

In addition to the vast purchases of native produce, Big Y also supports local agriculture with locally procured flowering plants, shrubs, flowers and herbs during the growing season, the overall quantity for which increased almost 10 percent, or nearly $1.4 million during the past year.

“Being a locally owned and operated company, we take pride in offering our customers the best of the region and our customers appreciate our extra effort,” noted Big Y CEO Charles L. D’Amour. “We also take pride in supporting our communities and our friends and neighbors. By working together, we all have a part in strengthening the economic fabric of our region. There is not a supermarket chain in this area that can match our ability to work with local partners in order to showcase the fruits of their labor.”

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Top 10 Beverage Trends


“Building beverage business is tied to trends that spring from the food and drink worlds. “Our research shows that specialty beverages are growing rapidly on foodservice menus,” says Brenda Renee Turner, marketing director of beverage brands for Kerry, whose brands include DaVinci Gourmet, Big Train and Oregon Chai. “Adding on-trend drinks to the menu is a profitable opportunity for commercial chain operators next year,” she says.

Here are Kerry’s predictions for the top 10 beverage opportunities in 2016.”

“The farm-to-table trend translates to the glass as the consumer demand for seasonal ingredients grows. Pictured here is the Sunset Affair at Baoli Miami. Fresh herbs, tea and other beverage ingredients are trending. Read all about the top 10 beverage trends of 2016 from Restaurant Hospitality.

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Food Waste is getting a fresh approach by Baldor Specialty Foods. 


 Baldor Specialty Foods, a Northeast distributor of fresh produce, has plans to eliminate all organic waste destined for the landfill. A program called SparCs, which offers trim, tops and peelings from the company’s processing facility to chefs and manufacturers, anchors the initiative.

We loved hearing about their arrangement with Misfit Juicery.

“Baldor recently announced a partnership with Misfit Juicery, a Washington, D.C.-based company that produces cold-pressed juice from irregularly shaped and surplus fruits and vegetables in order to fight food waste.”

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