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Ceado Commercial Juicers

  Handcrafted in Venice, Italy

Ceado, manufacturers of centrifugal and citrus juicers, blenders, mixers, ice crushers and coffee grinders distributed around the world
Ceado has emerged as an industry leader due to its ground-breaking technological and design innovations serving over 100 countries worldwide.  The units are globally certified, including NSF and UL. Ceado’s commercial machines are innovative and unique.   Think strong, work better is more than a philosophy, it’s the energy that lights up every single piece, created to grant maximum performances with no compromise and to ease the daily work of barmen and baristas. 


Fruit & Vegetable juicers

Meticulous attention has been
paid to the design, to ensure
minimal waste and maximum
performance, for even the
hardest to juice leafy vegetables.

Thanks to the “Pulp Retainer”
– a stroke of genius by Ceado –
the juice obtained is clearer
and brighter, thus considerably 
enhancing the taste.


ES-700 Brochure

 The double feed chute of our juicers directs fruit and vegetables to the basket area designed for gentle centrifuging, ensuring maximum yield even from leaf vegetables.



Citrus Juicers



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Juicer Manuals

ES-500 Manual

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 Ceado commercial juicers are all handcrafted in Venice, Italy.  Juicernet is the North American Distributor for Ceado commercial juicers and provide full sales, service and parts for all of the Ceado juicers.  The juicers are taking American juice bars and supermarkets by storm with their combination of whispersoft performance and magentized baskets making cleaning quick and easy. If you would like to purchase a juicer for your business give us a call at 1-800-627-2886 and we can help you pick the right juicer for your needs.  

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