Sugarcane Juicer

Commercial Stainless Steel Sugarcane Juicer 

The sugar cane juicer has been used for centuries to press the sugarcane stalk and extract the plant’s naturally sweet juice for consumption and/or the production of sugar, cane syrup or molasses. Since sugar cane juice is a very sweet unrefined carbohydrate, it has become one of the more popular vegetable juice drinks in today’s health conscious world. Sugar cane juice is not only delightful to the palate; it is good for you too. Many nutritionists believe the organic juice extracted from the sugarcane plant provides healthy qualities from boosting an individual’s immune response to disease to soothing an upset digestive tract.


SC-3 Sugarcane Juicer Brochure

sc-3 sugarcane juicer

Diameter of inlet hole: 2 ΒΌ ”

Output Speed – 15 rpm

Weight: 158 lbs.

Length: 24″

Width: 10″

Height: 21″

Motor: 110V, 60hz., 1/2 hp, 7.5 amps

Materials: 90% Stainless Steel rubber feet prevents machine from moving during operation, rollers and juicing compartment removable for easy cleaning; magnetic safety switch; forward-reverse switch; totally gear driven; stainless steel strainer.

sugarcane juicer